Sunday, August 22, 2010


In keeping with my Process Pledge (posting about projects in the making not just the finished ones).   This is T's Quilt,   A present I am making.    I started it a few months back, but as you know this and that, bells and whistles all get in the way.   So this afternoon out it came.   I have decided on the finished design but this is it so far.

not necessarily in that order, but hearts will be framing the stitchery.  It is a lovely project to work on I must get it finished.

And now for something different, and not made by me.   But this lovely cross stitch was sent to me by my Sister in England (some months ago).  I couldn't decide how to display it.  But this morning this is it, and it proudly hangs in My Studio. 

Northampton is where I was born.  In the Midlands, close to Coventry.  You will all have heard of the bombing of Coventry Cathedral during the 2nd WW.

Silverstone is where the World Motor Races are Held. 

Lady Princess Dianna lived not to far away -but we never met, think we moved in different circles.   But I have been to the toilet in the Horse Courtyard of Althorpe Abbey.   When visiting a Quilt show held there during my one and only visit back to England in 1994

Eleanor Cross is an historic point in Northampton.

It was once the heart of the boot and shoe industry.  I believe there has been a movie based on this.    But will have to check with No1 Son for details.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sheila,

Such a beautiful homey looking quilt! I really like the cross stitch picture of your homeland! I have been out of the loop, enjoying the beautiful summer we have been having and I hope to update my blog soon. You are my stitching and decorating, love, love your picture collage....I've been looking for the just the right frame to do something similar with my photos! Great minds think alike!

Take care

Jules said...

Oh WHAT a lovely quilt! Fantastic! Love,love,love it! ( And that from someone who always declares it impossible to 'love' an inanimate object, but oh, I have fallen in love - even if it is not reciprocated! LOL.

The other fantstic work is simply splendid too and what a beautiful reminder of your 'roots'.

The humour reduces me to laughter and unrestrained giggles! Is there now a notice with the coat of arms? *Sheila was here!*? - at Athorpe?

What Comes Next? said...

I'm loving you quilt Sheila - the stitcheries are wonderful, and I like the hearts framing them - can't wait to see more of the process and progress!
Your sister is as talented as you are! Lovely stitchery, and very nicely displayed. I remember seeing Coventry Cathedral on a trip to visit my grandparents many many years ago - infact, I took a picture of its bombed out remains against a beautiful blue sky, which I have kept through many moves!

Cybele's patch said...

The cross stitchery of your home town is beautiful. A lovely memory of your childhood.
The quilt for your friend looks gorgeous. Beautiful stitcheries.

Lindi said...

DH is currently acting in a play called Hobson's Choice. It is a comedy about a boot business. The written play is set in Salford, but I think there is more than one Salford in England, isn't there? There was a movie made, based on the play. We are trying to get hold of it on DVD.

Kate said...

Hi Sheila..Apart from admiring all your lovely work...discovered what a small world it is from your sisters Cross stitch..We were almost neighbours, as i was born in Leicester..I too have been in the same loo at Althrop..The lady of the manor was changing the rolls with her white gloves on (lol).The daffs were in full bloom when we visited there,,Take care Kate:)