Saturday, August 21, 2010


but its really two flower Saturday.  A tad late but nevertheless stitched.
for the photo shoot, I just couldn't resit laying them out.  Its amazing how quickly they grow.   I am still not sure how to join  them.   Maybe another round of hexies, maybe just together.

Oh and note I managed to round up a Little Sister, see bottom right hand corner

Midday we had a surprise visit from Middle Son and his Chosen One. 

We don't get to see our offspring very often, so its always a pleasure.   Note their super warm jackets.   They live about five hours East of Melbourne, towards the Mountains and it tends to get very cold.

In an attempt to tidy the computer desk etc.  I purchased a notice board.  
got to use the right tool for the job to hang it lol,    it is a little thin, so I will buy a couple of self adhesive cork tiles and put them on top to make it stronger.

and whilst on the subject of neatness just look at my Perle Threads now.


Karen said...

A nice surprise visit from your son! I like how all your Pearle threads are organized now and the cork board is an excellent idea. As for your garden, looking good!!

Fiesta said...

Sheila, lovely family.
What is your pearl cotton in?

Jules said...

Starting at the bottom and working back - ( at my age I can go back in time quite well LOL - on the other hand there is the danger that I might forget what I have just read roflo.......)

Love the thread containers - so neat, easy to find and use plus keeps them clean - can't be bad!

Visit... Fantastic! Really nice, so pleased you had a nice surprise. Came to check that you really planted the daffs! lol.

The flowers are lovely and growing well. What happened to the green background idea?

Jackie said...

Just what I have been looking for to store my perle cottons in. Can I ask where you got them Sheila?