Sunday, August 01, 2010


Dear Readers,
I am sorry for not keeping to the deadlines of the 'Little Sisters" and not having much to show for 'The Clamshell Club.  But this is the reason.

Last week I was frantically trying to piece into a pleasing fashion some beautiful squares of fabric.  This was completed Friday.
So early yesterday morning I was into the sewing room.

The backing joined and pressed, the batting ready and the pins hot to go.

I quilted all day yesterday and manged to get to the binding stage.  Only having to ribbit once, darn Pfaff sewing machine, if you happen to touch one of the buttons when freehand quilting, it changes the stitch.

Today was spent hand stitching the binding to the back.   Goodness me its miles round the edge of the quilt.  But about half an hour ago I have this to show.

that's The Scot on top of the legs :). 

Only three things left to do.  

1.      Stitch the label down.

2.     Gift wrap, the card and paper are waiting.

3.     Tomorrow I can deliver it.  phew just made it.

I promise to try to retrieve the Little Sisters and The Clamshells before Wednesday.


Sally Westcott said...

just awesome Sheila! I'm exhausted just reading your blog about it!

The "Scot" legs are pretty impressive too!


PS the security "Word" is wordsy. I love it!

Jules said...

Oh that is lovely sheila! Really nice, well done you!

Somehow The Scot is looking even more handsome - if that is possible!!!

(Sorry Bill only joking, couldn't let that moment pass...)

Fiesta said...

It looks fabulous sheila. It will be so loved.

Valentina said...

Sheila, a finish is a finish! Congratulations and well done! xox Valentina