Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I continue to keep Australia Post and our local scooter driving Postie very happy.  As they do me.  lol

I now have all the Postcards for the Ocean Theme in our 4x6ers Postcard Swap.  The other five ladies live in the Northern hemisphere, so the Seasons are reversed,  which we find quite amusing sometimes.

But just look at these fabulous Ocean Postcards.

ok sorry Thea I have your fish upside down, wondered why he was blowing bubbles down. lol
The next theme was chosen by me and is Symbols.  to me this offers a host of possibilities.

Another parcel was the book I won in the Quilt Competition.

Thank You Mary for offering this prize.

This weather seems to be getting colder and the Scot is still playing at being The Director. 

1 comment:

Jules said...

The PC are BEAUTIFUL - so individual too. Really nice. You certainly keep the postie busy.
It may be cold still but the sun coloured daffs are waving their bright little heads at you - full of promise. ;-D

Stick your head in that book and get planning! lol. Glad to hear The Scot is still enjoying his new toy - sorry, err.. well whatever...
Soon be Summer...................