Monday, August 30, 2010


In line with my 'Process Pledge'.   This is T's Quilt all joined up.  Now do you think a border with hearts or with butterflies or maybe flowers would be best.   any comments carefully considered.

The blank blocks are for angels, cups of tea and shoes.

It was a lovely 'Spring is almost here' day today, so lots of gardening,  and some prunning, for which I got growled at.  The Scot and I don't agree on gardening subjects.  .  Photo shoot tomorrow.  I am too tired now.  Started on the fishpond patio.  Found a plant which I planted ages ago and kinda forgot about it, but I am hoping it is a 'Strelitzia'  but wont hold my breath.   And I now have seven very healthy Clivia flowers coming into their own.    The palms also were looking rather sad and underloved.   So with The Scots help I repotted them, added some sand to the soil and some Dynamic Lifter.  Lets hope I haven't killed them.

Unfortunately my tomorrow will be interrupted by a visit to The Doctor.   I have hurt my knees and had an Xray last week, and she rang to say she wants to see me.  Sounds ominous doesn't it.   But hopefully I can finish the fishpond patio tomorrow.


Jules said...

Very best wishes for tomorrow - mail just sent.
I am not going to say a word about you gardening and pruning etc; you are a grown woman and I am NOT a BB - ROFLO! xxx
Having tried to tidy up before a break, fallen over, inhaled budlia seeda, choked and been sick in the bush I was going to prune - (note: GOING to!) Lawn mower going up in smoke and the dog being sick twice - I am in no position to lecture! LOL. Computer is far more safe an option!
The quilt is, as all your work, beautiful! I have no opinion ( PLEASE NOTE that :- it doesn't happen often!!! lol) re the border. Whatever you decide will set it off beautifully I am sure.
Take care X

Barn Owl said...

Border Plain Green or Red I think

Hope all goes well at Docs Tuesday.

Get a good nights sleep/

Love you Ei.