Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ever have the feeling that you really shouldn't continue with what you are doing .....just put it away for another rainy day.  And give the unpicker a rest!

the sides seemed to stitched themselves to the the opposite side,  the bottom got messed up with the top.   But somehow feeling very stubborn I persevered and I am glad I did.

Just look at those joins ..... for me ... perfect.

The Man is shouting Meat .... so the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.   But some pleasant stitching tonight to finish the blocks.


ozjane said...

Looking good. I have one finished ready to sash......that Free Christmas one....Gail Pan's I think.
Now I need to switch on the light box and do some tracing.
I think I saw that one on my travels the other day.

Jules said...

That is just so pretty birdy!

Perfect seams? Of COURSE! Nothing less and the stitchery is so cute - juat love all that, as you know so well.

I had promised to do some embroidery whist the good summer light was with us - but the best laid plans of men and mice and all that - it hasn't happened!
I hope to do some in the next couple of weeks.............. will see.