Friday, August 13, 2010

ALLSORTS not licorice

Firstly a tad late but the Big Sisters for this week.   They are growing fast, ideas are forming for a quilt.

and under duress the Little Sisters were rounded up, although only two were found.

The Postie has been working overtime delivering parcels to me this week.

2 lovely T shirts from my sister in UK.  A pressie for Sister's Day which we celebrate with a loving thought on the first Sunday in August.  Although you must wait for the photo until the weather gets warmer, as it was just a quick try on in front of the heater.  Oh I know I am a wimp but I do hate the cold.

A movie projector bought on EBay for the The Scot (for Father's Day, even tho he isn't my father he still gets a gift).

And for me ......

during the past year I have taken to my embroidery and redwork with a vengeance, and I love it.

But unfortunately the Pearle threads always seem to finish up like this

but now just look at them.  These were only my trial ones I need to order more.

The reason being ............. my favourite online shop to burn the plastic sells these   Pearle Cotton Bubbles

I don't think I can live without them now


Lindi said...

Wow, they look fabulous! What a great idea. Must get some!

Jules said...

What a BRILLIANT idea! My reels of cotton are usually in a box which requires tossing and turning to find the right colour - then they get tangled up, so I avoid using them!!! I often thought they should be on a long rod thing, but then, to get the right one off would be too much hassle............ Great!

catsmum said...

totally brilliant! - there was probably someone selling them at Jeff's Shed the other week ... I'm convinced I must walk around these things with my eyes closed [ or my brain in neutral ]

Simone de Klerk said...

Pretty flowers!

Karen said...

I much prefer your Allsorts as they are not fattening! Love the pearle cotton bubbles, I just may have to get some! :)

Ozjane said...

I just got a quote or am getting I should say, for postage..........
I am not sure to order a large amount or two small have asked. Want red, cream and blackand of course those gadgets.

Barn Owl said...

Every thing looks great.
Colours I like.
Loves you.