Thursday, July 08, 2010


with 7 days to spare to the deadline.

My Oceans Themed Postcards are all winging their way to USA, Canada and England.   Oh I wish I could show you how they turned out.   really well for me

Oh and did I tell you Australian Post must be in tune with me ..... just you wait until you see the Postage Stamp on the envelope.


Barn Owl said...

you are on top
Good for you
Keep it up

aubirdwoman said...

nice post

What Comes Next? said...

I'm clapping my hands in glee and anticipation! I love this time - when you know that the packages are on their way!

Lindi said...

Can't wait! Your teasers have me all anticapatory!
You've been very busy while I've been away from blogs. I had lots to catch up on. Love the clams against that black and your latest EQ design. :)

phil the pom said...

hi sis looks like we are in business again, I did say the other day that i thought your buttons on the clamshells were great. i like your musical jingle, the quilting song loves ya PtP

Jules said...

Great to have completion and feel satisfied - well done you. Bet the postie is eagerly aticipated - can't wait to see once all have received. ;-)