Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Firstly I am feeling rather proud of myself.   The last Postcards I made ....... Janet said it reminded her of Killer Whales,  No 1 Son said he thought they were like Dolphins.  And I think a true Artiste leaves the "viewer' to see into it whatever they want.   Also No1Son asked if I would make and send him not one but THREE as he liked them so much and wanted to hang them over his desk.  Although feeling quite chuffed I still feel I have a lot to learn from the 4x6ers.

The weather is still 'Sewing Room' weather.  This is my Christmas Quilt. 

I made the 2nd block 'Family" ready to stitch.  I hope that the others are easier.  I found that one very fiddly, difficult and extremely trying.  Joseph still looks a bit 'gruff' but hopefully a little stitching on his beard will soften it.

And just look at my "Clamshell Box'.   I have been busy working on these in between other things.

Although I did stay up rather late last night, watching the final episode of Little Dorrit and then Robin Hood.  But it does give me a chance to get some stitching done and the two big sisters are stitched.


Jules said...

How lovely to be asked for cards by no 1 son - hope you get them TP.

The Christmas quilt is absolutly stunning! Love it! Have you a place in mind for it to be displayed? Beautiful.

Have just ducked in for a cooling off - hot pruning out there in the garden now. Better get back before I'm missed from the undergrowth lol - not much to hide in now though!....

Fiesta said...

Your Christmas quilt looks great to me Sheila.

phil the pom said...

Hi there sis,I like your latest quilts,they speak of hope and joy in the year to come, and I 'm all for that, the weather sounds a bit like here we have had a few grey days,but little rain, but yesterday was very hot and a few days of nice weather are in stoe again but we do need the wet stuff, god bless love s ya PtP