Sunday, July 25, 2010


at 7.00 am this morning.  It was like this

At 2.00 pm  it was like this .....

The Young Industrious Guys had omitted to phone us to say they were coming today

These is what they brought with them

tools and bits and bobs that made The Scot swoon

Of course we had to have

The Supervisor

The job is all finished, and we are now ready to generate our own Electricity which gets sold to the grid. 
We will be able to watch it total up. 

But unfortunately it can't go into action until we get the Electricity Meter changed  But next Summer they should be paying us.

And whilst all this excitment was happening I sorted quite a number of Big Sisters ready to go.


Jules said...

Oh WOW! That was a big surprise then! It looks very impressive and makes a lot of sense.

So pleased that the supervisor was on hand to direct them! That made his day then!

You were not idle either. How about starting up your own little business - making attractive, padded knee protectors for the Scot's team? It would brighten and lighten their work no end.

Vickie said...

SOo happy that the Supervisor was on hand gee them blokes might of scallywagged otherwise....
Great idea with the would think with all the sun we get up here that the Power mob would work out something for us eh?,cheers Vickie

ozjane said...

I could not believe it.....but I read the other day that when they start paying you that qualifies as income and is taxable.
How effective is that as a strategy to encourage people to add something to their homes which may then go against them in taxation.

pegsplace said...

Wow! You guys are so more environmenatlly friendly than Canada! Kudos to you! The Scot sure had his work cut out for him :).

My Frenchman sure liked his quilt! maybe I don't have tomake one for him ;)....haven't done it yet.

I have yet to do anything Chrismassy! Summer holidays have been busy, so busy! cold is it there. Shh,...don't tell anyone but I am looking forward to going back to work and having a routine and autumn temperatures...shhhhh now!

Sarah said...

I am so jealous! this kind thing is not affordable here right now, and I don't think our utility company is set up to buy power back from consumers. At least not yet.