Tuesday, July 06, 2010


The garden is really calling my name but until it gets less wet and more warm I am going to continue to have selective hearing.  One good thing about the weather tho, is that lots of time is spent in the sewing room.

I have finished my Ocean Themed Postcards and will mail them this week.  A few days before the deadline.  Yes I am boasting, for once.

I have still been thinking about the "little sisters" quilt.   And still don't like that yellow centre.  But apparently it is a 1930's colour.  But I wondered if I could put a middle to it.  I have zillions a lot of pearl buttons.  Here are two I tried it on.  I will think on this one.

Melinda  asked when she was going to see some progress on The Clamshell Quilt.  roflo  doesn't she know there are too many irons in the fire.  But I have printed out 200 and cut out about 30 templates.  And the fabric is cut into smaller squares ready for stitching.  So Melinda .... watch this space.

And I have made progress on some presents.


Jules said...

They are SO pretty birdy. I didn't think the button would work but they set it off beautifully - love it!

Fiesta said...

I like the peral button on the flower Sheila. Congratulations on your finishes.

What Comes Next? said...

doesn't it feel good to have the postcards done early?? Can't wai tuntil they start arriving in the mail. I like the buttons on your Little Sisters - I think it softens the yellow, and adds a nice focus point.
Have fun stitching while the weather is cold and wet!

Molly said...

Lawrd! Don't tell me! You've already started making Christmas presents!?

Melinda said...

I can be patient - here I am waiting patiently! I like the hexagon flowers also.