Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Scot wants to know .... if its time for Parole

The Sassenach tells him ....   when she get some flowers

meanwhile its only 5 years to 50.


Ozjane said...

Remind him that there was no gun at his back when He said......"I do!"
And counting your blessings is better than longing for parole...LOL

What Comes Next? said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ali Honey said...

Wishing you a very Happy Anniversaryand many more - flowers or not.

Barn Owl said...

Remembering the DAY very clearly.
Tiny Tot Catherine enjoying herself as well.
Keep the years coming.

Tell The Scot there is no parole in marriage

Love you both.

Jules said...

Ha - typical Scot ;-) Never mind birdy, you still have a few years ahead in which to train him!... LOL

I must have the wrong date though.. I thought your WA was 18th, tomorrow. Whoops!

Well you enjoy anyway... L and h from both. x

retdairyqueen said...

Happy Anniversary and tell The Scot No It's a life sentence
Hugs to you both

Vickie said...

tell the Scot to behave or you'll take the switch to him...happy anniv,cheers Vickie

phil the pom said...

Hi sis congrats to you both a nice one, and as you say only five to go for the golden one tell bill then he can consider himself one of the lads love4s ya both PtP

Sooziii said...

Congrats my dear friends; may there be many more filled with just as much love as today.