Friday, July 23, 2010


and time to think seriously about presents.
I have made a start on my T Towels, I need to do 11 to be in the mail by December, as my month is January.

After much tooing and froooing   I have decided on what to do.   This is the first one.

As is usual I think I may make a few amendments on the next one.   But this is the basic design.

And my 3 Sisters .......1 in Scotland and 2 in England.   Celebrate the 1st Sunday in August as Sisters Day.   with just a greeting or small gift.

As I am trying to rid myself of my middle name of "Late", kindly given to me by the Scot.
Mine have been sent.

In my haste to get them away I forgot to take a final photo.  
But these were the 3 T towels in progress, 1 t towel each, and I enclosed two coasters, with Australian Birds on them, with each.

Then I printed some T bag envelopes.  Enclosing two
Bushell's Australian Breakfast T Bags in each.

I think the winds must have been right behind the aircraft.

I mailed them on the Tuesday

1 arrived in Edinburgh Scotland on the Saturday

1 in Northampton England on Monday

the other in Northampton England on Wednesday.  Excellent Service.

oh and as the Sisters all make beautiful cards, I printed mine.  this is what I sent.


retdairyqueen said...

Oh No You are not starting the dreaded count down
Lucky sisters

What Comes Next? said...

aaaack!! I had such high hopes of staying so far ahead of the gamne this year. I've got some pretty major catching up to do. Your packages to the UK sound wonderful - and wow! they got there so very fast

Vickie said...

I cannot read the countdown-I will not read the countdown..hmm drat it didn't go away..well done on being prepared, cheers Vickie

Barn Owl said...

Well Little Sis you did us proud.
Tea Towels beautiful To good to use as Tea Towels. Have other Ideas Will let you koow when I decide.
HL said he enjoyed the Tea He had both as I do not drink Tea.
Coasters were Lovely too 1.each just right.

Jules said...

And very welcome the gifts were too! Bright and cheery. I have the card in front of me now and keep smiling back at the picture!!!

As for the Sister's Day gift to you - not letting on but hope still in time for 1st August!;-D

You are being so industrious, beavering away there - AND NO I am not going to even MENTION men with white beards - get back to Lapland, its Summer here LOL! My word verification is "explave." Now to me that says, Explain or Explode - quite appropriate given that you are talking - err,err (shh, Christmas) already! ;-D xxx