Thursday, July 15, 2010


but what have I been doing.  Not really very much.  The weather in Australia is very much what it should be ...Winter like ... good for the sewing room and the computer.  And sitting very close to the heater, sewing and watching TV with The Scot, at night whilst the wind and rain battle outside.

Firstly Big Sisters for the week.  I won't bore you with showing them all.

and  The Little Sisters of course

The New Christmas Quilt, this is the first block waiting to be stitched.

During the weekend, the down light above The Scot started flickering and then died on us.

So I won't  bore you with details, these are the photos.

Short explanation .... the light went out .... The Scot bought new down lights ... fitted the new down lights ..

the down light over The Scot still wouldn't work so we had to check this

and in conclusion

it was the light globe that had died.

I rest my case.


Fiesta said...

Geez, you are too funny. Love your hexies and you did a wonderful prep on your Christmas block. I actually have the book but have yet to even start that quilt.

Lindi said...

LOL! Love the way you told it!

Karen said...

Funny stuff!!

Kate said...

Love your flowers....but love the story of the down light

Jules said...

Missed this posting - so funny! Everyone a gem!

Just as well he wasn't here yesterday - the power went off over most of the town! Many people were changing fuses and kicking tv's and compie's... I bashed the shower unit! House alarms were going off all over the place - which gave the game away, ah.... power failer.................

aykayem said...

yep ... I am definitely ROTFLOL after reading that!
btw - now you know what to do if you want a new sewing machine ... just stick a dead light globe in the old one (or maybe unplug the foot pedal?) and tell him it stopped working ...