Monday, July 05, 2010


At last I can show you the Postcard with the 'goof' on.  
This one seemed fated.   I mailed it from the local Post Office, whereas I usually go to the Shopping Centre.  Usually it takes about 5 days to get to the UK .... but this one has taken 11 days.  So I know where I will be mailing from in future.

Her name is Isabell.  The Scot's sister is named Isobel.   So I am sure you can see how my poor little brain gets so confused.  But Isabell is such a lovely lady, she insists she wont change the O for an A.
Thank you so much Isabell and Happy Birthday Month of June.

And this is a sneak view of my July Postcard Swap.   The theme is "Oceans"

And back to playing with EQ4.   This is my latest plan for the clamshells.

And ... I have been struggling for weeks trying to think up a 'pressie' and suddenly this afternoon it all fell into place.   So watch this space.


Fiesta said...

Sheila, this clamshell layout is by far my favorite. When will you choose your design?

quiltmom said...

This is a spectacular design Sheila- I am sure it will make a beautiful quilt. Will you do it with the same color combo-
I will look forward to seeing your project grow..

Melinda said...

I love this layout for the clamshells. I am patiently waiting for the first photo of the quilt in progress.