Saturday, July 10, 2010


I do try to shop and support local shops where I can.    But as you know these days we have to be well aware of the value of the dollar.

So that means quite a bit of Internet Shopping.  I am getting very good at comparing prices.  And of course have my favourite shops.

But I must tell you about

Birdbrain Designs      

These ladies have many tempting goodies, very well priced and their service is FIVE STAR.
Communication is excellent. Do go burn some plastic take a look.
So what have I bought .....   well some T towels and some threads.  You will have to wait to see the outcome.

But whilst I stalk out Postie patiently await my parcel ,this is just a teaser as to some things in the sewing box at present.

Just to keep Melinda up to date ......The Scot was very kind and has worked out how much black fabric I need for my Clamshell Quilt.  He does grumble tho, mutter mutter why can't quilters use metric muter mutter mutter.   But its worth it, because even tho I have EQ4 I am still very limited in how to work out some quilts.  I was well behind the door when mathematics was being handed out. 


Lindi said...

I've often looked at fruit fabrics and thought "Nice. But what on earth would I do with it?" Now I know! :) Those hearts look really great!

Jules said...

Now birdy you need to tell your Scot - for x number of years you went to school and had inches and feet, pounds, shillings and pence drummed into you! Why on earth should you now waste that education by discarding that knowledge? ttttt - men! lol.x

Barn Owl said...

I agree with Jules.
Why waste such a good education,
I still use it