Sunday, July 04, 2010

4th JULY

HAPPY 4th July, or Independence Day, to all my American friends.

A day I always remember.

because I have my own celebration

My only daughter reluctantly entered the world 4th July 1972.

definitely a 'chip off the old block'  she is so like her father in every way expect one .... grumpy ... and that she is not.   She is usually smiling from ear to ear, but this photo was taken at kindergarten and the beginning of 'the mumps'   But she still managed a half smile.

A beautiful girl, who kept up with her brothers, was her Father's Princess.  But definitely her Own Person.

Happy Birthday Sarah.  I have many fond memories of the days you were living at home.

And for her birthday, I sent her some thick fleecy tops.   I wrapped them in Pink Polka Dot fabric, before putting them into the mailing box.   She sent me a text saying she loved the wrapping..... tongue in cheek.... she absolutely hated spotted fabric for clothes lol.  Like I say  Happy Birthday Sarah you have become a fine young lady.

This is one of my favourite photos.   The Princess and her Servant.    Preparing a BBQ.

or maybe this............ never bored even in the wet weather on holiday.

maybe even this one

no maybe this one with her brothers.


Jules said...

Very many Happy Returns of The Day Sarah... A beautiful child and young woman indeed. A joy for any mum and dad.

Independence Day birthday - what an omen for an independent girl.


retdairyqueen said...


Vickie said...

hope your Sarah has a wonderful day,the photos are great,cheers Vickie