Monday, June 14, 2010


The sun is shining and all is well is my 'nick of the woods'

Yes I am feeling quite pleased with myself, I have actually finished stitching one of the July Ocean Themed PostCards.   I did try a couple of things but downsizing to 4 x 6 was quite beyond me.  But this is my result

okay so it really doesn't look like that.  But we are supposed to keep it secret until the first one is received, and I am hopeless at that because when I do something that works well I like to 'show off' so I took a photo then played around in PhotoImpact.

Today I will make a few 'clamshells' as I have received a few emails asking how I propose to put them together.  So hopefully tomorrow I can show you something.

Meanwhile I think I will take a walk in the sunshine.


phil the pom said...

another fine effort, sorry about your lads in the footie world cup, i thought they played well, but germany are one of the heavyweights, glad the weather is good not so brill here dull and grey with rain always around, but the promise of a few fine sunny days l;ater this week, enjoy your walks, tatty bye PtP,

Julie said...

I was just getting used to you posting about hexies and now there are clam are an amazing woman!

Jules said...

Never a dull moment! I gasped when I saw the ocean abstact - not what I was expecting LOL Haha - I then twigged! Very good birdy!

Yeah - you didn't even have poor Green to blame re footie, but a good game is what it is all about really at the end of the day - entertainment. I am afraid we only saw the scores this time - the noise of those constantly buzzing hornets nest hooters was just too much! The roar of the crowd so much more exciting and somehow musical in its dynamics.