Sunday, June 06, 2010


on a cold wet Saturday.  Why put some order into the mess that I call my 'sewing room'

The Scot thought it was too cold to go outside to play, so I conned him into

1)     moving my small notice board.   The one above my sewing machine.  This used to be just to the left.  But if I was following instructions I would have to put a small cardboard box on the shelf and pin the instructions to that.  Now I have the board in front of me, and I can pin notes there to be read with ease whilst sewing.

2.  To move the thread spool holder.   This is a very heavy beautiful wood, and it was on the side of the cupboard.  Not a particularly good position.  Now I have the threads I use regularly close at hand.

3.     To check the wires on the right hand speaker of the stereo, as it wasn't working properly.

Tomorrow I will continue with the mess on the other side. 

As you can see, that is why The Scot calls me 'one way sheila'  I take things out but never put them away.
Well I do when I have a tidy up.

I have also started the Pin Cushion" for the Early Birds Christmas Challenge.

Electric blanket on 3, and two quilts tonight.    Oh I know... I am a wimp.

And especially for Sarah......   its only 203 more sleeps.


Sarah said...

Thank you for the countdown :) I had better get busy!

pegsplace said...

What is in 203 sleeps? I love how you rope the Scot in ;)....I do the same...just today I had the Frenchman bring me nails and a hammer...I did the rest (hang my embroidery frames in the closet). It is quite cool here...cold actually but I'm not sure what an electric blanket is :)....just plain ole blankets in this part!

Peggy...who is now going to check out Sarah's me curious.

Vickie said...

oh yes perfect action for a wet day...and how wonderful is the feeling when you enter your room all neat and tidy..and then after a bvery short time an imp sneaks in and messes it all up hehehe,cheers Vickie

Jules said...

Groan - sleep being the word... if only! BUT.... you are doing well with your clearing etc and the re-arranging, which helps to keep the Scot occupi.... happy and helpful lol....

Very sticky and overcast here - bit of thunder rumbling around but no rain. We keep getting Summer in short burts, remember summer? Sunshine and clear skies??? Well this is England, couple of nice days and then hot and sticky LOL Everywhere needs water actually despite the snow we had. I am only stating facts - not complaining..... well.... maybe the grumpy old woman is a little bit! ROFLO. Verification word - blesses - ahh.. ;-)