Friday, June 18, 2010


If you would like to see some lovely fabulous quilts, go to Quilters Gallery

I have entered one of my quilts into the Weekly Competition.  This is arranged by the very clever Michelle of Quilting Bloggers.

And as The Scot says.... I will grab my 5 seconds of fame whenever I can.

So pop over have a look and vote for the Quilt you like the best.

This is mine

This was started around 2000, but not finished until 2004.   Well good wines takes a few years to mature. lol.  The original pattern was an Online Block of the Month.  No fabric just the pattern.  The Lady Designer Margot Rose  put out many more.   Some I took to straight away, some I wasn't too keen on.  These were the ones that seemed to connect with Stories I knew.  Of course there is a frog on every block, and don't forget every Village of Fairy Tales needs a Dragon, but mine is a bit of a woosey one.   And sunflowers are one of my five favourite flowers.  I love their happy faces as they grow straight and tall towards the Sun.             


phil the pom said...

Hi Sis it came back so here goes with same message superb work the bestb yet in my humble opinion, tell the Scot its fifteen minutes not five seconds you deserve every minute to loves ya both PtP

Barn Owl said...

Like your Quilt very much.
Hope you win.
Will check them out and if yours is the one I like best I vote for you.
Love you.

quiltinbysea said...

Wow, I love that quilt, and the dragon is really cute, his little 'smoke' vapour line forming hearts..
Would love to see this in the flesh or at least more close ups.

Good Luck, off to vote now.

Jules said...

With you there about the sunflower - never managed to grow one though! Thought we might this year but they didn't even show through as seedlings! Ahhh....
Anyway - yours will not fade or fail - lovely!
Will go to the site now - love your village quilt, so much work and lots to look at and keep looking at.... x

Fiesta said...

Sheila, I am off to vote. You entered my favorite quilt. I hope, hope you win.

Dawn said...

I love your storybook quilt. Its wonderful!

Iceni UK said...

Hi Sheila, your quilt is fantastic, so much detail, I love it.
Vote has been done.
Hugs to you.

aykayem said...

I went, I looked, I voted (for you of course ;-) ... and at the moment it seems you are winning!
go go Grasshopper!

pegsplace said...

...on my way! And will vote too. I remember when you showed this earlier and I was in love with it! YOu are my applique Queen!


Betsy Lynn said...

Congrats on winning the weekly theme at Quilting Gallery!!

Anonymous said...

Well done, miss Sheila, great quilt - and isn't it a great quilting spot? I also enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame [but it wore me out, so had to have a rest day!] - then had tax exams to sit for, and ... and ... life sure gets busy in the quilt lane. Congratulations to you - we aussies show them yet again, and Michele is a fabulous person, esp. making it possible for such a great quilt show. you go girl!, hugs, Jennifer.