Thursday, June 03, 2010

ORGANISATION and shopping

Being organised like housework is not one of my strong points, or one that I will be remembered for.
but today I tried.  That is to be organised not the housework bit.

This is The Christmas Journal  all ready for my participation in

 hosted by   Judith at

Do go and have a look at her blog, even if you don't join in the fun.

I am quite pleased with this apart from the fact that I wish I had used gold ribbon for the two markers, but I intended to add a silver charm of an Angel on the end.   But the lining does has gold leaves on it.  ah well I am not unpicking now, as I think it looks good.  All ready to start my "Lists"
In the evenings whilst sitting with The Scot, I don't really like watching some of the programmes he does, and I can't bear to sit with my hands idle.   So I have been organising lots of hand sewing.   But the problem is I seem to finish up with so many boxes and bits and bobs.  This is my box for making the small GrandMothers Garden Flowers.

That should keep the Peace.

And I also trialled
But more about that later.
The Scot went to the Nursery for climbers for the backyard and two shrubs for the front.  He tried to get me to go with him so that I would buy him a cup of coffee.   But I refused as I waned to finish the Journal and also do some armchair shopping.  Items purchased for a Christmas Gift.  This was from  excellent service, I have just received an email to say they are on their way.
And a magazine a New One, but I will tell you about that when it is received.

I must be very nice to The Scot as I need him to look at the sewing machine.   He fixed it fine for me a couple of weeks ago, but I had no need to wind bobbins since then, as I usually only use basic colours for everything.   But today I needed to wind ................. the bobbin winder seems to have slipped down into the machine a bit ......... now try and tell The Scot that ............... he is sure it hasn't and it was me.  But there is no way I can wind a bobbin as it is, so I must cook him his favorite tea and make him plenty of drinks tonight.


retdairyqueen said...

Love your christmas journal

Jules said...

ooooooooooor wot u like!?

An opportunity to show the world your Scot and you pass it up!

Then you expect him to WORK for you?! tututut.... LOL.

As for Christmas - we are only just getting the warmer weather here!!! DO YOU MIND! ROFLO

The blog looks good I have to say though!

Valentina said...

I hope you prevail!

that tin is so perfect!
Now another tip:
Find a tray large enough to place that tin on and everything else you might need (scissors, pincushion) This way you can place the tray, on your lap, on top of a pillow. Next time, when you work on your clamshells, for example, you switch the tin, and happily stitch without missing a beat!
We shall prevail!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Valentina....a tray! I think I have three now| 1 for applique, 1 for cross stitch, 1 for lap top :)....get the picture! I love your journal....working on mine! Now, your bottom curious! I'm with you on the organization and housecleaning fronts!


phil the pom said...

another fine show of er um i'm not quite sure but very good, poor ole scotty no cuppa but trusting the meal and drinks were ok or no m/c eh!! the way to a man is always through his tummy, youv'e got it right there mate weather here very hot and getting hotter over the w/e up to 23-25c not quite up yo yours but enough to get us oldies running for the shade and iced drinks Eileen stays inside but did get her out to the brixworeth green grocers a very good one, finished up taking sausage pineapple and chips home very tasty and yummy but perhaps not quite right fo the weather but thhere you go, take care both of you, enjoyed elder sons blog great stuff, PtP

Karen said...
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Karen said...

Love your Grandmother's Flower Garden box and your clamshell looks great!

Sarah said...

Here she goes with the Christmas stuff already! So where is the countdown?

Ozjane said...

I saw those journals and thought of you..I would only fill one page......maybe I will make a flop over one with just a couple of pages for lists.
Maybe dates started in Nov to remind me to send overseas mail....etc