Wednesday, June 02, 2010


How the weeks fly past.
These are my two flowers for this week

and I have to admit I am 'an adict'.  I have also committed myself to one (two if I can manage) smaller flowers.   These will be for another quilt and will use my 1930's fabrics.

Of course using up 'the stash'.  But I will have to buy a few charm packs as I am lacking some colours.
And I don't know what the background will be yet so I auditioned them on the green, but this is too strong for these fabrics.


Jules said...

The shades are lovely on the little flower one. Like you I prefer pastles to be off-set with lighter colour, off white or cream even. Nothing to 'Shout' or dominate. Very pretty.

This week's flowers look beautiful too and show how the darker, brighter colours can be 'grounded' by the use of the right depth of colour.

Vickie said...

thanks for the show of your garden party very pretty indeed,love the 1930's fabrics,cheers Vickie

Lindi said...

I have a small collection of 1930s. Don't know what I'll do with them yet. Your flowers look lovely. :)

Fiesta said...

The hexies are beautiful.

Cathi said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!

katrien said...

Great your flowers.

Valentina said...

How Lovely! I love the bold, vibrant big sisters and think the baby sisters are too cool for school! I really love those centres!
The quilts will be amazing, I am sure or it!
and that clamshell I do on the way over... Oh, how exciting!!! I have been happy as a clam today prepping mine...heehee!