Monday, June 07, 2010


This is my pincushion for the Early Birds Christmas Challenge put out by Judith

I have just drafted a small box to keep the pincushion in.   I hate wrapping paper and must admit I love the Bags you can buy as they are so brightly decorated and can be recycled.   Just have to remember not to give the same bag to the person who gave it to me.    But then I don't think they would mind as most are into reclycling.
Whilst grocery shopping today I hope to be able to find a large box to use to keep all my goodies safe until December..

Today the sun is trying to shine even tho its still cold (well cold for me) but I am pleased with my wet day organising, not finished yet.  
This is the GrandMothersFlowerGarden Big Sisters box.

Goodness me at this rate, I am going to be tripping over myself with my organisation.

But how long will it last ..... asks The Scot???


Fiesta said...

well I too have been organizing thanks to you.

phil the pom said...

Well done little sis, a tidy mind in a tidy body = er i'm not sure??but must be good, something we all can learn to do, I like to think I am a
tidy person, my son in law Graham, alwsays pulls my leg as I tend to label everything, which really amuses him, but I usually can find things quickly, a good habit to follow tatty bye and take care PtP
PS haven't as yet mastered the trick of putting the photos on to the compie and thus on to my Blog any ideas, as I dont see my "Tutor" james to often, HELP.

Jules said...

Very organized and it is great to do that for the feel good factor. I am bogged down - know how I SHOULD be doing things but it is a question of the spirit being willing but the flesh being weak! lol.

Thank you for the sleep tip - could well work, will try.... Jx

Sarah said...

I love all those French knots! Must have taken forever.

And yes, I have a cool dude. Guess that makes two of us :)

mjnauert said...

I get so giddy whenever I see a neat little box of scrappy-dos! great blog.