Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Not a lot of interest going on here.  The weather is cold.   Yes 2 quilts and electric blanket on 3, and T shirt underneath the windcheater.  Oh I don't like Winter.
The Scot has bought new shirts, flannel ones.   But the problem is, they have long sleeves and he likes short sleeves.  So I had to do mending .... and really I am not a mending type of person.   But they are done.

And whilst I was slaving away in the "Sweat Shop"  The Scot was outside playing.
The Aggies on the Patio have given many years of glorious blooms, but the past few years have looked not so good.   So they have been dug out, weeded, and replanted.

What a root system they have.  Too much for The Scot's small mulcher, so they go into the Green Bin which is for recycled green stuff.

The Scot likes to do things on his own no one can do them as well as he does, so I have learnt to leave him to it.   These are the ones being kept in water ready to replant.

Here is the finished job.   And just before it started raining.

The Native plants encourage the birds, and the birdbath was moved along a bit, so that The Scot could watch the birds whilst he had his breakfast.


Fiesta said...

oh like you, I hate to mend things, or hem them too.

Not Lucy said...

I know what you mean about the mending. I would rather sew a whole quilt top than cut the sleeves off my husband's new work coveralls - a job that takes only about half an hour total! Luckily that only happens about once a year!

Anonymous said...

I second or maybe third or fourth the idea of not liking to mend! :). I hate it, hate it, hate it...such a chore in comparison to quilting and crafting :).

Cold? We are having an early heatwave here, over 30 celcius and humid as all heck! Everything is starting to turn green and summer just around the corner! Stay warm!


Jules said...

Ah..... poor aggies! Will benefit from the replant and thinning no doubt, b b b but...... ahh.

The alterations done then - no rolling of sleeves - just rolling of eyes! LOl

Stay warm. x

Elaine Adair said...

Yeah, but the good thing about those sleeves is that they can show up in a quilt another day. SAVE the plackets, buttons, cuffs - ya never know when they will be just the right touch to a quilt!

Lindi said...

I have boxes of skirts and pants waiting to be taken up! lol Also a basket of shirts that need buttons replaced. They've been there for - oh - a very long time! lol