Monday, May 17, 2010


Yesterday I was diligently sewing to finish the May PostCards to be able to mail them today when

burrrrrrr   burrrrrrrrrrrrrr burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

the sewing machine seized.  I gave it a quick clean, then

burrrr   burrrrrrr   burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    then  

yes silence.   And on investigating found the needle had broken.   Changed the needle but still nothing.

It was getting late in the day and The Scot doesn't like starting jobs then, but promised he would look at it today.   But he had a hospital appointment at 11.00 am.   So I knew nothing would get done today.   So took the bull by the horns and decided to hand stitch the edges.   Managed to get one done last night, and took the second with me to the waiting room.

These are my finished Postcards ....    2 machine edged and 2 hand blanket stitched and 1 waiting to be finished tomorrow.

I still feel like the "Poor Kid on the Block" but this time I tried adding a bit of titz,  I am not really a titssy person so for me this was a big step.  The flowers are Suffolk Puffs and there are six of them because there are six in the group.

This is the back.  I like to make mine like an actual PostCard would be.  And I was particularly proud of the Australian Stamp (which has now had the Post Office cancellation mark on)   This was a stamp to  commemorate Anzac Day,   when, almongst other War Sacrifices  we remember on July 21, 1942, that Japanese troops landed on the northern coast of then New Guinea and unexpectedly began to march over the Owen Stanley Ranges with the intent of capturing Port Moresby.
Had they succeeded, the mainland of Australia would have come under dire threat.
You can read more about it @

After lunch, The Scot felt sorry for me and gave my Machine a Medical.

This is what he found at the bottom,  now this is where we are not supposed to go.

and this

so tomorrow I will give it a test run.   fingers crossed please.

Have you notice sewing machines don't come with a screw driver now.  my old Elna had two screw drivers, and I used to be able to take the whole machine to pieces and dust clean and oil.  But not this one.


Jules said...

Ouch! I bet you felt as if your right arm had gone! So very frustrating to 'lose' a part of our lives isn't it? Do hope the machine works ok - BUT what a good job your stitching by hand is. I love the cards and the faces on those flowers look like pansies to me, I haven't heard of the others. So pleased too that you used the little butterflies, they are just so pretty and bring everything to life. Very nice - and the back is brilliant too.
Will wait until tomorrow to congratulate The Scot on doing a good job lol. Hope the appointment went well. Jx

Barn Owl said...

Hope everything was ok. for The Scot.
I know what you mean about screwdrivers for S,M, Have 2 in mine was new when I retired so keep it clean & oiled
Your Post Cards are Brill.
Love to you both.

Sarah said...

I love your postcards! they look good both ways.

I think sewing machines are designed with the repair shops in mind these days. My manual doesn't show much about how to clean or oil or troubleshoot at all. That is so aggravating!

Fiesta said...

Thank Godness you know how to hand stitch those edges. I would not have known what to do at all.

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely as usual
You are doing well with them
Hope all is ok with you guys Hugs