Monday, May 31, 2010


I am sure you know what I mean.

Today is the 39th Birthday of Middle Son.  We have had many adventures along the way but he is now happily married to "The Chosen One" whose birthday was last week as well.  Like my other kids I don't see them very often, due to distance, but its always a pleasure when I do.   And cyberspace and telephones have made a great difference.

Today he has taken himself for a motorbike ride to Dargo in the high country.  I asked him to take some photos as the scenery is wondrous up there.

So there had to be a photo of him on his beloved bike.  And I added the one of him when small.
Yes he did rule his world with a bandage on his knee.   And a strange fact about Middle Son.....  It is very difficult to find a photo of him when young - without a bandaid somewhere.

and Chosen One thank you for choosing Him.


phil the pom said...

may we to add our wishes to yours for "Middle son" Thought your card was superb, loved the Bike picture just up my street, so happy birthday R and all our love to you and "your chosen one" have a great day, aLlthough it is now almost run its course being so faR IN FRONT OF US.
God bless you all cheery bye PtP

Jules said...

That is BEAUTIFUL, full of humour, wry smiles and LOVE...

Happy Birthday R and belated HB to J. May their horizons always be rosy... X