Wednesday, May 05, 2010


well the one or two that are left   lol

why you may ask.   Well he just found this in the freezer.

he looked inside and saw

What are you doing now Woman - he yells.
Its all quite simple really.   I am trying a bit of snow dyeing.   But the problem is we don't have snow here in Aus. 
So I have been googling and found some blogs, will find them again and give the links, that suggested they could be frozen.

So to give it a try, I found two previously hand dyed pieces of fabric and wet them and then froze them

They are now in the freezer, and when the added liquid is frozen.  I will cure them in the sun.  Maybe it will be just a mess, but at least I still have some fabric, can always be used for backing.   will let you know what happens.


retdairyqueen said...

Poor long suffering man
Will watch with interest as to how it comes out

Fiesta said...

Poor Scot. He probably thought you were making him a treat. I admire you for trying these new techniques.

Jules said...

Oooooo....... will it not crack? I suppose you have to thaw it out really well in order to prevent that?

Watch this space indeed!
I thought it was fruit going mouldy! LOL.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Sheila. I'll be most interested to see how it turns out.

phil the pom said...

Poor ole bill, thank goodness he didn't start to fry it with a slice of bacon, the mind boggles, I wouldn't let you within a mile (kilometre) of my freezer, you might have given him a heart attack, we had a laugh as we went through the possible scenarios, whatever next I ask, interesting!! but crazy I reckon. lots of love PtP.