Sunday, May 30, 2010


My Postcards from the 4x6'ers swap.  The theme for this month being "Flowers"

I am learning so much from this group as well as enjoying it.

All my swaps are now complete, so I have decided (yes I have) not to join any more for this year.  I will just have the 4x6ers which is a bi monthly one.

I have lots more projects planned.   The sorting out is nearly done so I will show photos.

But we had a little excitement here over the weekend.  In the middle of the night a trip in the White Vehicle with the siren (although no siren for me thank goodness)  But it seems I had a build up of 'reflux' after all sorts of dreaded things being mentioned, gallstones, blood clots to name a few.   No wonder I have high BP.   But a small tablet a day should fix it.  Apparently man's stomach was made to produce acid.   Which was great for the cavemen.  But as our foods have changed over the ages.  We don't need all that acid but the stomach still thinks we do, so basically that is the problem.

But this will make you laugh...... although it brought me back to reality with a jolt.   After leaving the Emergency Department where they had carried out all the tests etc. I was given a form for my own Doctor.   Now as it wasn't sealed or addressed I read it. 
It said

wait for it

Initial Observations.....Well looking elderly lady lying in bed, not in distress.   BP 175/90  etc.etc.

Still what could I expect.  The Doctor and 90% of the Nurses looked young enough to be my Grandchildren.
One has to laugh.  Even if one can't keep one's dignity.  This growing wiser really sucks.... why do we have to grow old with it.


Ozjane said...

Concentrate on the 'well=good looking'part.

phil the pom said...

Hi Sis,sorry to hear of your midnight dash,but glad all is ok, when we begin to realise that growing old is not asgood as being young,then is the time to start living for the day, and that is one of your strength's so "keep on keeping on" another little tablet, eh how many a day now? I'm ut eight, but trust the docs now best, take care both of you loves ya. PtP

retdairyqueen said...

Hope you are feeling better after your little trip you well looking elderly lady you

Jules said...

The lengths some people will go to to get a night out!!! lol.

Glad all well... x

The postcards are truly beautiful... Well worth keeping with all that individual work so superbly and artistically done. Jx

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheila, take care of yourself! That is a little scary to go in an ambulance? And you've taken a stance not to do any more swaps? Hmmm.....I'll have to see it to believe it! :)

bombom said...

blooooooody cheeky young whippersnappers, elderly indeed!! no way.......glad to hear you are AOK though :)