Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I've been a little light on posting due to  couple of reasons.  One being the dreaded word 'housework'   As The Scot will eagerly tell you I am not the best of housewives.  We are clean enough to be healthy but ......
well he does sometimes call me "one way sheila"   you know out it comes but never goes back.
But to my good points.... I can only take so much then I need a big clean up.   So the last few days have been boring ole housework.  Even started on the sewing room. again.
The other reason has been the Postcards.   Oh I give myself such heartache over these.  I have the ideas but then they just don't seem to look right, so they get unpicked a bit,   then something else is tried  ahaha  that's is .. almost finished take a long deep look..... oh no that doesn't look right.  Try something else  ahaha  that's it.  But then of course the deadline is approaching fast.  

But I did get a Birthday PostCard done and mailed on time.  Australian Post is very good to me, I mailed this to Canada last Tuesday and it arrived yesterday.   Thank you AP.


I have also been trying to sew sow the seed into The Scot's mind.   We need a little sun room.  Knock out the window in the computer room, and just make it big enough for a couple of chairs.   The sun was shining, and he went to sit outside, but came in quickly as there was a chilly wind.  So "strike while the iron is hot" so to speak.    He actually now thinks it would be a good idea.  But of course we need to consider it for quite a while.    Actually when we had been in the house about 6 years I had a friend whose dh was a Carpenter/builder and he loved knocking down walls and doors.  And he would have done it for me, for free.  Oh can you imagine The Scot's face, not to mention his language if he had come home to a large hole in the wall.  It was a new house.   lol.  
I am also trying to convince him that we need 2 chooks.  umm fresh laid eggs and free manure.  But its taking some convincing.


Jules said...

Ah... Chooks - I agree, lovely and would love some. We had them a a child but not so many foxes then. Or rats! Away from the house is fine though re later.
Near the house - very near in the next case is the sun-room. That sounds lovely too and not too dificult to do by the sound of things. Keep dropping hints.... lol.

As for your PC - the birthday one - beautiful!
I am not even going to mention the others! LOL And you should have the cleanest house in Auz by now!..................... roflo

Fiesta said...

your postcard to Janet loks great and your ideas are truly wonderful. I hope they come through for you

retdairyqueen said...

I would definately be happy to receive that beautiful postcard