Thursday, May 06, 2010


I am going to a Garden Party.   And it won't cost me anything because I don't need any new clothes or anything like that.

Most Quilters either have a deep desire or an ingrained hate of

either making or not making a GrandMothers Flower Garden Quilt.

I forgot to add the link to The Garden Party

I am of the former.  I did start many years ago and in my "orderly way" I have just unearthed all of these.

 I  have the templates made out of cardboard, and many of the paper pieces, this is English type patchwork over papers.  And a lot of scraps that are ready to be cut.

So every Wednesday I hope to  will show you one flower for the garden quilt.

And now of course the obligatory photo of The Man of The House ... working.

This is where he has his breakfast sometimes brunch, and spends a couple of hours contemplating on what the day holds.


Jules said...

Lovely picture - don't blame him sitting there after all your hard work!

Don't you ever stop finding UFO's in your house? Better make a start to finish it then! LOL

retdairyqueen said...

Im asking the same question as Jules
Have you made a resolution to get some UFO's done?
Good luck with the flowers
How did the dieing go?

Fiesta said...

I know what the Scot is thinking there so serene. Should I help her with the hexies or not?
Looking forward to your flowers Sheila

Karen said...

Welcome to the Garden Party! I can't wait to see your box of seeds turn into beautiful flowers!

Elaine Adair said...

I don't know where I fit in, but I have one finished, needing major repair along fold lines, where it was stored for too many years, and it DESERVES fixing. Maybe when I see yours I'll gather up my gumption and DO it!

Not Lucy said...

I have a grandmother's flower garden quilt in progress but it isn't your average gfg quilt. It is my current hand work project so it might just get done this year.

As for The Scot, one really shouldn't jump into the day with both feet until one has thought it through!

JustCindy said...

Lovely flowers.

Valentina said...

Welcome to the Garden Party! we'll have so much fun watching our gardens bloom! That picture is priceless... :)

Sandra Henderson said...

I am so happy to have found you, as being on of the One Flower Wedensday Flower girls! I'm am new to the hexies, and must say I NEVER thought I would EVER be making one of these quilts! and now I'm so happy I am and can see myself making even more! WECOME!

Linda said...

I can see why your hubby likes sitting there. It's a lovely spot! Wish I could join you. I'd even help you make some of those hexies.

Pat said...

I've done paper piecing with the hexigons. I made two Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilts, and a couple fo pillows. It is quite a job, but one can take it with them, and do the flowers little at a time. Good luck, my dear frien, and keep that hubby working. LOL Your work is most beautiful, and thank you for sharing. Happy Quilting!

Anonymous said...

Another project but you get to use up all that lovely material! I started one but it went to the UFO pasture and I will take it out when the spriit calls!

Thanks for motivating me on with my applique...I have to work on my colour choices but I want to use what is in my house and not have to buy any more, except some lovely green material I got this week, perfect for stems.

So? Inquiring minds want to know...How did the snow dyeing work out?