Tuesday, May 04, 2010


yes this time I have definitely made up my mind..... these are the May.. Flower Themed Postcards in progress - I definitely think this is the one.

The weather was beautiful yesterday and today I thought Summer had returned but no them promise cold and wet tomorrow.


Fiesta said...

looks very interesting Sheila.

retdairyqueen said...

Looking forward to seeing
Iam missing you

phil the pom said...

A little mysterious, to me, but then I am just a poor man, not a talented sewer of great things, well done sis
hope the weather keeps warm for you,
its much cooler here at the moment but we are optimistic, living here you are born with it i reckon, it helps cheery bye PtP

Jules said...

Blossom blowing from tree? No doubt the actual card will be different from first viewing - pretty but I prefer the others - sorry.

Maybe I am not meant to say such things but I am a truthful person with BIG feet!........... There again, you know that LOL.

Jules said...

Made a mistake and re-commented on post below!!!! Pansies -for thought, I clearly didn't! roflo