Friday, May 14, 2010


This is the first May - Flower Themed Postcard I received in my 4x6ers Swap.

This is from Isobell in England  (No blog unfortunately).  Isobell does the most gorgeous hand embroidery and her Postcards are always a joy to receive.   This swap is a very knowledeable swap this is what Isobell enclosed.

The English Bluebell   -   Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

The English bluebell flowers in April or May   (Northern hemisphere)
It is a tuberous perennial found mostly in woodland areas.
The stems are up to 30cm long and bend over at the top.
The blue flowers are bell-shaped and slightly fragrant.
The anthers are yellowish-white.
The tranditional name of "non-script" was intended to distinguish this plant from the classical hyacinth.
In Great Britain it is now a  "Protected Plant"

I remember Bluebells from when I lived in England, many many moons ago. 
For a virtual look at what I left behind have a look here

But strangely I Love A Sunburnt County.


cinzia said...

WOW! Isn't it gorgeous. You are very lucky.

What Comes Next? said...

Isabell has done it again! What a gorgeous postcard! I can't wait to see what mine is!

retdairyqueen said...

Beautiful postcard

phil the pom said...

Hi there sis, well here we go again,as you know my laptop died on me a few days ago, and have been awaiting James to go with me to buy a new one which we did last night,so here is my latest toy sitting proudly and shiningly new on my desk
shall take a few days accustomising my self then "the worlds mine" again rehensmvery pleasedwith it so back in business as from today, GOd bless PtP.

Jules said...

How lovely birdy! We never tire of the bluebell popping its pretty nodding head up - even if the leaves are a pain afterwards! The mass of blue is wonderful..
How clever of Isabell to stitch that beautiful card - but then you are all 'dab hands' with the needle and thread.... Much admired.

Fiesta said...

it is beautiful Sheila

bombom said...

Delightful postcard,and the real ones are spectacular.

Sarah said...

That postcard made me gasp! Isobel is so talented.