Thursday, April 08, 2010


Just tell me what is a girl to do when there are so many bells and whistles and temptations jumping into the email box.
Embroidery Mini Quilt SwapI know I said I wouldn't...... but I think by now you have all realised, along with The Scot that my word is errrr to put it politely .... not always to be trusted.  An email announcing this Embroidery Mini Quilt was there this morning.  Now just what can I do, its small its embroidery and its a swap.    So yes I have joined.  Just can't wait to find out my partner so I can plan the colours. 

And I really have got my quilting bug back again.   This is a quilt being planned for A Special Person.
note the colours will be more varied and maybe the heart block will change.  and all the blank blocks will have stitching on them.

these are two of the blocks.   I am going to remove the border and make it a  single colour to fit in with my diagram.

You can get a better idea of the fabrics being used.


Jules said...

Isn't it just lovely? A fantstic mix of little patterns, quilting and embroidery - so pretty.

Don't forget TP too...... Glad you are enjoying your work again.

Lindi said...

That quilt is going to be very lovely! :)

Another swap? Oh, Sheila! lol

Fiesta said...

Sheila it is adorable. How could you not join in the fun?

Vickie said...

Oh wow Sheila that is warm looking lovely fabrics and embroideries...cheers Vickie

Elaine Adair said...

Just thought I'd drop by and say hello! 8-))

How do you manage to keep all of your swaps straight? i tend to get overwhelmed!

LOVE the previous photo of your friend under her quilt! Cute! 8-))

retdairyqueen said...

Just couldnt help yourself could you Ha Ha
Qilt you are working on looks lovely
Glad you are back into it

Sooziii said...

That is a pretty quilt birdie, I usually am not a fan of this block but with the embroideries and the colour choice it is really lovely.

Why am I not surprised that you have joined yet another swap??

Beats me how you keep track of them all and manage to get them done and out on time.

Eat those vegies, girl!!

miniaturequilter said...

The ladybug are so cute! Very cheerful quilt!

Anonymous said...

Oh such a beautiful quilt already! And I am once again so in awe of your embrodidery/quilting combo! I really have to finish a quilt like incorporating the two! I am so not surprised that you joined the swap! I almost signed but but haven't yet! When I got sick in September I had a few swaps going on and got so scared that I wouldn't be able to fulfill them so I am waiting to be 100% (still feel unsure sometimes). Lovely stitching Sheila! I would love to have you sit in my comfy chair and stitch with me! :)