Saturday, April 03, 2010


just has to be fixed.

The Scot is happy again with screwdriver in hand

we need to see what the problem is

at this stage, I have to disappear because any comments I make are not worthy of print but before I depart TO WORK

Is that a WARNING sticker, the YELLOW one.
And now 1 hour later its still not working.  Goodness knows what we will do tonight.  Saturday is a good TV night.  One programme to watch, one to record on the DVD and of course the other usually gets recorded on the old video.

I have suggested he buy another cheap one, but ................................................he is out in his shed.   Probably searching for a spring or screw or something, like I say life is never dull around here.


Vickie said...

oh I can sooooooooo relate to this -drives me batty-shhhh don't tell the Scot I have even got to the point of hiding things way down in the rubbish bag-if'n I think Mr fixit may retrieve it if he sees it..he has a 40ft container full of bits'n'bobs he (ok I) don't need anymore..
Cheers Vickie..
hmm wonder if its' working yet?

Jules said...

Whoops! Hope for his sake that it finally worked! The humour did though....... lots of laughter over that. Maybe you should buy replacement items and stash them away for rainy days?! "I just so happen to have this which we will have to use until you can fix that one......."
He is a good chap for having a go though and modern things are made to be thrown away unfortunatly, so to try and fix that which is designed to be unfixable gives him credit. LOL.

Fiesta said...

so nice to have someone that can fix the teli Sheila. Happy Easter

What Comes Next? said...

thank you for my morning chuckle Sheila! I do hope The Scot managed to get it working in time for your shows...