Thursday, April 29, 2010


Postie was most welcome today.  Two parcels for me and one letter for The Scot, his one an appointment with the Ear People.  He is deaf, but will not admit it.  Does anyone else have this problem.

But onto more important things......

A Postcard from Brenda in Canada.

Brenda told us.....

This is a photo from space of the great Lakes of Ontario where I live.  Roberta Bondar was born near the gold beads.  I was born near the red bead, and I now live near the blue/green bead.  She went into space on the shuttle "Discovery"

What a fabulous Postcard.

And my other parcel

I have read this book many times, but don't own a copy.  So I found one on E-bay.

I can now start reading and fully participate in             

Reading and sewing with the heater on, and a cuddle quilt.   What bliss.


Fiesta said...

sounds good Sheila. I can relate to the Scot. I too suffer from a bit of hearing loss

retdairyqueen said...

Selective deafness or for real?

Jules said...

John Boy - won't admit it though! Teehee - men! What are they like? Oh I sympathise, please don't think otherwise but NO, I have NOT started to "mumble" and nor have other people! lol. It happens.

Lovely postcard, great idea and well done.

Happy reading......

phil the pom said...

Hi Sis,
Like you I thought the space shot of the great lakes as she captured it on her qlilting? was superb. I recall when we were privileged to see the great lakes on our one and only visit to "The States" was incredible as we passed lake michigan stretching like a great sea as we rumbled by on their wonderful railway's a sight to behold indeed but captured superbly by that shot from space, I to have read "JANE EYRE, many times always with an awesome
wonder of that incredible family and the literary giants they became, my own personal favourite being "Wuthering Heights" superb reading. but love all their novels
they were years ahead of their times Another of our memories is visiting Howarth, their home alongside the moors, on a cold misty day many years ago, it was eary but enlightening of their
history as a family, GOD bless PtP