Sunday, April 04, 2010


it didn't work.
so we have now decided to read the Instructions

that didn't offer much help. 
But when I try reading the Instruction Manual, have you noticed that they tell you everything to  switch on.... switch off.

so I wasn't surprised when I next went out to see

he was going to work it out himself.

At the moment he is in the lounge, after telling me he is going to format the whole thing.

H     E     L     P

Meanwhile back to interesting things like sewing.   I know I said I would not join anything this year.   But as The Scot says my word is like    $#$#$#$#$#$##   , we won't go there.

I have joined the "Give Thanks"  Stitch-a-long Bom.   Now I was making a quilt for someone in England and I was sort of half hearted about the design.  Have you found that if something isn't 'gelling' you just dont seem to be making much progress.   When I came across this one in one of our Quilting Magazines.           It is designed by the clever Sam of Missymack, what a lovely name.
 You can read about her at  and also    A truly amazing young lady who restores ones faith in human nature.
So off to find some lovely fabrics and threads.    
I think I can be forgiven for joining as I have finished 7 projects this year.


ozjane said...

I do have a video to give away along with a small tv that goes with it.

Thanks for the link....I downloaded both the BOM's

Vickie said...

oh dear relating again-the paper and diagrams I soooooo feel your pain...
cheers Vickie

Sue said...

I love this post...when all else fails..."Read the instructions"!

Fiesta said...

Sheila your new BOM looks great.
7 finishes-wow, congratulations.

Jules said...

On a roll............ The stitch-a-long site is great. Now remember birdy what a certain someone says about you, " just SO aMAZing!"

As for The Scot - maybe the same applies? LOL!!!