Friday, April 23, 2010


No Friday Flaunt this week, not a lot of sewing has been done.  The reason being.  The beautiful Indian Summer we have been having.  This was the temperature yesterday.

And it definitely called for on with the boots, on with the gloves and out into the garden.

I will take you on a photo shoot, explaining as we go.  The photos are small size as there are quite a few.  If you want to see any more detail just click the photo and it will enlarge.

Lets start with the view from the road, or I should say the Cresent.  You will notice the lawn ?   with the lack of water these past few summers I haven't been wasting the water so it usually dies off but then comes back.  The Scot's new letter box, waiting for all my parcels :) (and the finishing touches around the base)

I guess you could call it a work in progress.   But then we have lived here for 44 years so I have seen many changes, but I think its starting to look the best, but still a long way to go.

This is the NW corner of the front garden. The native trees are definitely attracting the birds

This is the flowerbed beneath the Lounge room window.

I used to have seedlings there as well,   they gave a lovely splash of colour but it was very time consuming bringing the water round every day.
So I am now going for small shrubs.  I do tend to change them and according to The Scot I move them at the wrong time also I prune too much.

The front door, newly painted by The Scot.  But we do need a new light fitting.  And the other light is a solar one which comes on with movement.  Great for finding the keyhole when its dark.

Moving through the gate this is what I call The Yellow Submarine Fence, hate the smell of those shrubs but they have a beautiful happy yellow flowers.

S1 S2 and S3 ~ my water tanks, which catch the overflow from the carport and the front part of the house when it rains.

this part I call the side garden.

Along the path and at the corner of the house we can see
The Scot's Glory..... his veggie garden and orchard.  I think he was prunning yesterday.
Strangely tho, we dont water this grass but look how lush it looks, oh that the front looked like that.

Two things I found .....     the right hand one is a Guava.   A strange tasting fruit and you dont pick them you wait until they fall, then they are ripe.

now onto the restful part of the garden.

The solar hot water is working splendidly and we paid virtually nothing during the summer months.

These are the left over daffodil bulbs, so I planted them in two pots.

Come and sit down and have a chat and a cuppa

Oh first come and look at some of my babies

Isn't that kettle boiling now.   Sit yourself down and I will make a drink and bring out the biscuits.


Linda said...

It was a lovely walk around your yard! Thank you for taking me along. I learned a little, especially about saving and storing water. I'd be pleased to have a flat white with you, thanks!

Glad to see you're in the Embroidery Mini Quilt Swap. Me too.

Jules said...

Ooohh - groan..... too tempting! Table and chairs, walks inbetween cuppas AND biscuits! Too kind!

Beautiful day here too, just right,still, blue skies and wall to wall sunshine... Sat in the garden for an hour whilst a certain someone went for long ramble of three hours, now must do ironing before going out for a warm in the sun. BUT.....
A pair of wings and I could join you, walk your nice garden, see your 'babies' and chill out with restful cuppa, biscuits and maybe even.......CHAT! LOL.

Ali Honey said...

Oh what you call a guava is what we call feijoas. I have just been blogging about our surplus. So they do grow in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Sheila, and yes, I would like a cuppa...tea please! And if it warm, I will take iced, with a tad of lemon :), thank you.

I just edited my post and put a picture of me from one of my week-end runs :)....and no, it is not too cold to wear dresses, but hence the sweater/bolero. So many women wore strapless summer dresses to the dinner, but I just cannot.... I love your paradise!

Dee Soden said...

It's a fejoah, which as you said, is part of the guava family. We used to sit in the tree and eat them until our faces fell off (rashes) as kids in NZ.
It's said fee-joe-ah.
Love your garden