Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I always seem to have so many different things to write about.

but firstly, you remember the quilt I just finished for Myself.   Well it wasn't for myself.  It had been planned and executed for Jules in the UK for her big O birthday.  It was the most difficult secret for me to keep.  When we wrote I would just pretend to ignore the word 'birthday'.  She knew nothing about it and I even had to send an email to her son to find out the exact date.  And would you believe I posted it on Saturday 26th March. and she received it on Saturday 3rd April.  Well done Australian  Post and The UK Royal Mail.  Maybe they consider Jules amongst their Royalty.  Here is a photo she sent me.

Happy Birthday Jules ~ Big 'O's last for at least two weeks.

Today we did our weekly shop, usually done on Monday but because of the Easter break we went today.  

But I warned The Scot .... we were going for runners for him.

Now trying to get The Scot to buy clothes is virtually impossible.  I could tell many a tale, YES he is spoilt, but the problem is - you have to start out how you mean to carry on.  And its too late now to unspoil him. 

These are his old runners.... which according to him .... they are fine will last at least 5 more years.

So I put them into the garbage bin, and told him we were buying more.

Now this is a task and a half.  He won't pay 'dollars' for them.  I mean the ones above only cost $10  -  17 years ago.   He bought them when he had a fitness streak before we went to the UK for a visit.

He just can't understand how things increase in price.
But with my diligence and running back and forth with different sizes, and the look of....... decide or else... on my face.  We managed to find some.

On the sewing scene, I have got over my lethargic feelings of last week and we are off again.  I have two quilts in the process for hand sewing.  And plans are made for my Next Postcard Swap - the theme being Flowers.


Jules said...

Well now those runners look very comfortable! It takes time to 'break' footwear in - you should know that - LOL

DH said to me only the other day, "you know things are not made to last as they used to be. Just look at these shoes - the last pair I had from your father!" (My father died about 26 years ago!) Ok, we don't get out much............ LOL.

Big 0 Birthdays - bring 'em on if mine is anything to go by!
Getting worried now - what would Birdie like in a few years time? Fancy whip to chase The Scot to the shops? Embroidered garbage bag? Now THERE'S a thought! Off to snuggle under this wonderful new cuddle quilt and think............... ;-) xxxx

retdairyqueen said...

Happy O birthday to Jules
She looks so comfortable and content under that gorgeous quilt

Travelling Phil said...

Happy birthday to Jules too!!!
Mother Blog's quilts are really great aren't they. The quilt that I have now was given to me in 2003 when I first moved overseas. It has proudly sat on my bed since and kept me warm in Taiwan and New Zealand (a quilt that have travelled).

I have to admit that the quilt is a little worn now, but nonetheless it has been very much appreciated.

Fiesta said...

Sheila the quilt you made Jules is outstanding. You need to show us the Scots new runners.LOL

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Jules who appears to be turning 30.

I hate buying clothes too, but I will replace shoes a little more willingly. Those runners probably expired 10 years ago!

Sooziii said...

Happy birthday to Jules from me too!!!

Big 'O' hey that's just a number....rotfl.