Saturday, April 10, 2010


My Mother used to tell me ........................... if you fell off a house you would fall on your feet.

and The Scot continues to say so.

I guess they are really right.   I have been diligently stitching T'sQ.   And this afternoon I lost the red thread.   I searched everywhere (even in the garbage) but it just wasn't to be found.

So not having time to go to the shops in desperation I found my 'odds and bods of thread tin'  and low and behold
I FOUND THE EXACT COLOUR.   Now this is a mystery to me because it is not a colour I would normally buy.  Sort of a rust red colour.  But it is the same and when I went to tell The Scot he rolled his eyes and said
if you fell of a house you would fall on your feet.

Guess my Mother was right wasn't she.


Elaine Adair said...

Soooo, is that a compliment? I never heard that phrase before. 8-)

Jules said...

Please don't put it to the test lol...

I used to reassure new mother's that even if they DID drop the baby - it would bounce! Guess that is a daft saying too, but it is not going to happen is it? Mainly we do get lucky!