Friday, April 30, 2010


not a big flaunt, but after sorting my Finished (yes I did say finished) quilts as seen in my post earlier this week, its probably as well I am not making any more larger quilts.  
Well that doesn't count
*The Special Quilt
*Chloe's proper quilt
*No 1 Son's Birthday present (fabrics are all cut and ready to go TP)
*The Asian Influence
and whilst sorting ... well will leave that until next week.

so back to today's FF

The 15th May is the deadline for the Flowers Theme of my 4 x 6'ers Postcard Swap.

As usual, I have great ideas, change my mind many times, but finally come up with the solution

this is one almost ready to be joined to the back.
note how organised I am.  I have a keyhole template, and because I kept forgetting my machine settings for the edge I wrote them on the template.

I am still not quite as adventuresome as my fellow swappers, but the learning curve is great.

These are made to actually be sent in the mail, providing you don't make the accessories too thick and of course you secure them firmly.   But I have never been game enough to do this.   I put an Australian stamp on the back, and the kindly Postal Assistant will put the cancellation date stamp on for me, then I put them in an envelope to send.  I have developed quite a friendship with the girls at the Post Office.  They are always keen to see what I am sending, and most careful of how they are treated.  Thanks you Australian Post.

I find this "Art"quilt quite difficult.   Thought a lot about it and I think it comes from the fact that I learnt patchwork about 30 odd years ago, and I have had some excellent tutors during the years, but I was taught the exact way, as one needs to be exact when making a wall hanging or quilt.    so this new found love of
6 inches x 4 inches
which of course allows for more challenging creation and a lot more freedom,  comes rather more difficult to me.


Fiesta said...

Sheila it does look challenging but I have seen some other more difficult ones you have created which do look spectacular.

Jules said...

Very inspiring.. I can't think of ANYTHING to create! Very frustrating. Your work is always lovely birdie. Well done.

Your posts are lovely and funny too, very often.

What Comes Next? said...

Oh Sheila - this is fabulous! Can't wait to see it up close and personal! Your cards to date have all been wonderful!
Looks like you've got a busy time ahead for not doing any big quilts!