Wednesday, April 21, 2010


from The Scot's antics on the roof, his painting the front door etc. etc.  and my blocks on Thequilt.  I have now done Grandma,2 heart ones, and Home.  But photos tomorrow.

Today here are some of my thoughts put down in what is known as poetry, but not sure if mine passes as that.  This came about as The Bro-in-Law in UK has been writing to me, and enclosed one of his poems, asking for comments.   Something I find difficult to do as Poetry is like Art.  It's all in the eye of the beholder, or the eye of the writer in this case.   And I have sent him one of mine in return.   this was written in 1994.  Goodness me, the last century.  I was a member of a small writing group at a Neighbourhood House where I taught Patchwork.  We were a diverse group, but very keen and encouraging to each other.   We even printed a small Collection of Our Works called.   Fleeting Thoughts.

oh and the bag I was trialling and was going to show you, is now in the bin.  It just didn't look good.  so off to look for another pattern.


Jules said...


One- that you put some of your work in the bin!

Two- that you have completed other blocks, which may have distracted you from the above!

Three- that you are so multi-talented (but then I always knew that!) to produce poetry like that!

I like writing verse but am usually told "it doesn't scan" ???
So to me, yours looks great! Well done.....

Lindi said...

Well done, Sheila. You have expressed yourself very well.
Surely the bag was redeemable?

phil the pom said...

Enjoyed your poetic offering, looking forward to see your patchwork handiwork,was interesting to know w have an authoress in the family to,as i keep saying a clever little Tredwell girl God bless PtP