Monday, March 22, 2010


Determined to sort the problem out, I started straight after breakfast, no dishes, no made bed, just straight to the sewing room.
I did it....... tonight I have about two rows of embroidery to do, and then cut off the ends of thread and tomorrow I can quilt.
ummmmm I think there was a slight slip twixt cup and lip.

and whilst The Woman was working, The Scot was playing. 

We do have a DVD, but also have the old Video Recorder set up as well.   Sometimes we might be recording two programes and watching another.   Well the Video has been giving a bit of trouble lately.  I say it is because the video's have been recorded over so many times.   But The Scot insists thats not the problem.
So this morning this is what he was doing.

No     ~      it doesn't work.
Yes    ~      he did mess it up.
Yes    ~      he is going to take another one to bits tomorrow.
????   ~      will he fix the problem.

Maybe like the vacuum cleaner belonging to his Mother, he took that to pieces when he was 8, just because he wanted to know how it worked.
No    ~      it didn't work again.
Yes   ~      his Mother was mad.

ah life is never dull downunder.


Jules said...

Hahahaha............. At least YOU have learnt from his experiences! (tongue in cheek here!) I bet you are really glad to have such a busy handiman! Well.... until you want to record something..... hahaha - oh dear Birdy, its the way you tell 'em..

phil the pom said...

Hi Sis life is so exciting for you with a hubbie that is so technical, we laughed when you told the story of his mum's vacuum cleaner what a hoot that was BUT he is a clever lad and he really does work!! while you Play?? but we can never make you girls understand that HA HA HA, keep on keeping on PtP.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheila, you such lovely embroidery! I still can't figure out the problem that you are having with the seams. I usually go row by row, left to right and then when all rows are done sew row to row. Did you figure it out? I love the colours! So soft!

aykayem said...

The quilt looks good - I like the final layout - looks much more balanced than that first? version with the 3 embroidered blocks all one above the other ...
btw, apparently my DH took a vacuum cleaner apart when he was a small kid too ... think it was at about age 6 - 8 somewhere ... but I think it was an old one someone gave to him to "fiddle" with ... but he doesn't take video tapes and stuff apart - don't think he has the patience ... but it is something my Dad would probably do, if Mum didn't just throw them out before he could get at them ... LOL
(Dad fixed Mum's sewing machine when I was a kid, before he learnt to sew on one, by taking it apart to work out how it was meant to work and noticing what bit didn't work and fixing it before putting it all back together ... and it worked really well after that)

Barn Owl said...

Like the Quilt very much
Keep Busy.

Beware They are catching up on you.
So watch out.
Love you both.