Thursday, March 11, 2010


Betsy asked about the quilt hanging on my dining room wall from my last post.

a close up

and the label

This was a free BOM, it was a long time ago 2003 I think.   So I had to look the link up

A lady called Margo was the designer and there was a Yahoo Group to discuss progress.   It was quite a fun time.

There were a few blocks I didn't particularly want, so I  picked and chose and did my arrangement slightly different, but I think that was the idea, we could use the blocks where and as we liked.

As you can see by the label I didn't finish it until 2006.   It seems in my Quilting Life... Good things can't be rushed.   Well thats my excuse.

So thats the story of  my Wee Village.  
And yes The Scot did make A LOT of comments about the proportions of some of the houses, but my answer has been.... well you take me to an actual Village like that and I will change it.   roflo.

He does like it now and says it makes the Dining Room look cheerful.


Fiesta said...

Sheila it is a unique, beautiful and cheerful quilt. Thank you for sharing the story. You did beautiful work on it.

phil the pom said...

Hi there sis I think your Quilt? looks superb well done it would grace any wall it hangs upon, look for your mail man as we sent you apressie yesterday, Warning must not be taken by Scotsmen??!! loves ya . ptp,

Jules said...

I really like that quilt too. It looks lovely and goes so well with the colour of the wall it hangs on. The Scot is right - it does draw the eye and cheer the room.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful quilt Sheila! Do you machine applique or hand applique? I have caught the hand applique bug and with the last of the major renos over with, I am just getting to sit and practice! I noticed the blanket stitch, what other techniques are involved! How long is your son home for? So nice to have them home for a bit!