Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Today would have been my Father's birthday. 

He was born March 2nd 1901
sadly I last saw him when I left England in 1966.  He died in 1973.  He never saw his grandchildren by his youngest daughter.
What do I remember about him

  • He worked so hard.  Too hard.

  • If he had sixpence in his pocket and you needed it - he gave it to you.  Maybe thats where I get my lack of materialistic thoughts from.
  • He loved to garden.  I can still go back in time whenever I smell a home grown tomato We would collect the horse manure from the milkman's horse, so long as the neighbours didn't get there first
  • He always lamented the fact that he lost a brother and brother in law in the 1st War World.  He was too young to fight in the 1st and too old in the 2nd.  But I think he was in something called the Home Guard
  • He saved and would take us for one weeks holiday to the seaside EVERY year.  In a motor car my Uncle lent him (Uncle owned a garage)
  • He smoked and almost died when I was young, but gave up smoking.... but it had done its damage in the end
  • He helped me cover the bottom of Chess Pieces in felt for The Scot.
  • He paid for me to get married.   Guess I should explain..... the Scot had forgotten his money and so my father offered to pay the Registry fee.  This was at the Church and it was paid then.
  • He told The Scot to look after me when we left for our new life in Australia.
  • I think he would have been proud of me, he taught me well.  He never raised a hand to me, but oh boy he could control me with one look.

Happy Birthday Father..... Albert Edward Tredwell...... rest peacefully..... you deserve to.


Jules said...

Oh yes indeed. Uncle Albert - by a strange querk of ages and number of children his mother had - Uncle Albert's elder sister, or one of them, was my grandmother. And yes - I can certainly vouch that he worked as few do today.
Anything needed doing - ask Uncle Albert. He was a lovely man. R.I.P.
Ps. Rest assured that he was proud of you birdie. Very proud of his family - indeed his whole entire clan. x

retdairyqueen said...

Such lovely memories

Fiesta said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely memories.

Molly said...

Sounds like he was a lovely man and a lovely dad. May he rest in peace. My Dad only saw my firstborn, and he was already dying then. So sad our children didn't know them....

phil the pom said...

Well said. dear "sis" I to can affirm that your dad was indeed very proud of you and his love for you remained till the end, I had the priviledge as his son in law to help and cherish him in his last days and we had a solid relationship, and I gave him a promise that I kept in all faith "to look after your mother after his death" which again was a priviledge, never a duty and I was always both his and your mums close friend and one on whom they both relied a priviledge I greatly revered them both. GOD rest their souls indeed and I am Certain he both has and does.

Vickie said...

aww how lovely -may he be celebrating his birthday up there in true style,cheers Vickie

Elaine Adair said...

...our dear Dads. 8-))