Monday, March 01, 2010

THE NEXT UFO in progress

The 1990's must have been a very prolific year for me.... to start things.

The has been creeping to the top of the pile for quite a few months despite my ignoring it.

Started in 1996 the date is embroidered on the front, this was when I first learnt how to embroider.  To my recollection Mother never embroidered, but she was a fantastic knitter.  And sadly I never knew either of my Grand mothers, as my paternal one died before I was born and my maternal when I was about three.

But back to the UFO.  It is like the old fashioned type of photograph album.  I have stitched the design and covered it .....

inside we have 24 pages with different embroidery stitches.

Each page has a sampler which has been stitched and a description of how to construct the stitch.

I think why it remained a UFO was because of all the writing.  When very young I prided myself on my writing, entering various Writing Competitions and I did get very good marks.   But the years take their toll and unfortunately the typewriter and computer haven't improved my style.

But on taking it out and marvelling at how well I did the cover and samples (no modesty here lol)  I have decided that to complete it I will print the pages of writing.   This is just a sample above.  You can purchase very nice paper nowadays so hopefully March will see the completion of this.


Jules said...

I can't keep up with you! I am dashing about on the blogs like a scalded cat! LOL.

All very good, though, I have to say. Nice work birdie. I started embroidery in 1962 at my soon-to-be mother-in-law's knee! Pillow cases.( I had done a lot of satin stitch work in the nurseries I worked in, prior to that, so maybe 1955 saw the start.)
We progressed to tablecloths but after a few on and off attempts at creation, I gave up. So by the time you started, I had probably finshed!

Looks great. Keep up the good work.

Molly said...

Admirable Birdie! My oldest project in the UFO pile is a "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" crewel embroidery pillow that I started in 1972! That was 32 years ago. And still it languishes! Maybe this will be it's year....with inspiration from you.

Fiesta said...

Sheila, it looks so interesting and how nice that you want to finish it.