Friday, March 26, 2010


Its finished, I have just put the final stitches in the binding.  A cuddle quilt for winter to remind that Spring will be just around the corner.

I am quite pleased with it, and it was my fault I had problems with the joining.  Just not thinking properly.

I thought you might like to see how I go about quilting.

First of all I need to choose the music.

Then I have to bribe The Scot help me to spread out the layers.  This he does under great pressure, and with much grumbling..

I used to baste (large tacking stitches about 4inches apart) until a friend conned me into using pins.   Now I wouldn't use anything else.  This is my 'pin tin'.   I do loan my pins but only on the condition that they are returned opened.  It takes too long to have to open then before using.

Then I pin at fairly equal distances, the three layers together.   Only pin what is on the table.
Do not move the quilt
Do not attempt to pin down the sides

When all the quilt on the table has been pinned.  I then pull the quilt (the three layers together) across the table until an unpinned area is exposed.

I then gently tug the backing and the batting to make it firm.  If it is a large quilt I put telephone books the other side.  If The Scot is around I try to conn him into placing his hands firmly over the quilt at the side.

when that is fully pinned move it over to another unpinned section repeating the smoothing out process.

I then think of it like either cementing or icing a cake...... put one hand in the centre and  flow the air out towards the edge.

Then of course, clean the machine and put in a new needle.  My machine is quite old now, but works well, but it does seem to get rather warm just lately.  Maybe needs a complete overall.

Then with the music blaring the fun part, the quilting begins.

Meanwhile The Scot was keeping out of my way.

A very curious caterpillar with red stripes was eating this Wattle.  And as we had planted it too close to the house it was a good excuse to cut it down.

We do use most of our green waste as mulch, but for extra we have a green bin which is collected fortnightly.  This is for larger pieces and those that dont mulch.


Jules said...

Oh that is LOVELY birdy! I do like that - very nice and how lovely that you have made something you will use yourself. I just adore the stitch panels - so lovely. It was also interesting how you have secured the quilting. Well done both of you!! lol.

Now the plant you have cut down - ouch! That hurts. lol I loathe cutting down, unless I am in the right mood for change that is - and then nothing is safe! lol. The Scot is enjoying himself. :-)

phil the pom said...

another fine effort you are a real
craftswoman BUT a "Cuddle" quilt whats wrong with using "the Scot" that's the best way to get warm, I see you are trying to bypass your winter and go straight into spring eh not a bad move that i reckon we should make winter redundant i'll vote for that, we are looking forward to the"New DR WHO"starts this coming Easter Saturday" looks good by the trailers, we have had some really fine programmes on recently about space and they are "MIND BOGGLING"
really get's the old grey matter going? take care loves ya PtP

cinzia said...

thanks for the info on basting over a table... sure beats my grovelling on the floor.
Your new bannerhead looks great to... aren't stitcheries a great way to spend your time.

Lindi said...

Nice quilt and nice post, Sheila. Only you could do an instructional post with added humour! lol

Angel said...

I just love your quilt. As a lover of stitchery it really appeals to me. Also the colors are just up my alley.
hugs Patty

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheila, so beautiful, so soft and so made to cuddle under! lol to keep warm....really.....;)...coming from a person that is living though a Canadian cold snap! :).

Thanks for your excellent tutorial for getting the quilt for quilting! You sure do not procrastinate! You decide to quilt and you get to it! Thanks for showing me that it can be done!

Oh, I really like the postcards too! Have you figured out a way to display them?

I'm now going to bed! ;)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your quilt is gorgeous Sheila...and so nice to have help even if he grumbles...LOL

Vivian said...

I never thought of pin basting over the table. I always use the floor and then hurt when I get up. I'll have to try this next time.