Sunday, March 21, 2010


as I said yesterday... there's many a slip twixt cup and lip.

well this is the result of today

I feel quite pleased with it.   But does anyone have any hints on how to sew seams like this

88888      88888888

I was lucky enough to be taught patchwork by an excellent teacher, but it was hand stitching, and now I have progressed to machine stitching.  Which I taught myself.

I could do it by hand but would prefer by machine.   any hints gratefully received.  It is the area around the block with Spring embroidered on it. 

The quilt is almost pieced together.  bearing in mind I stitched sections so as to form sections to join each other with a straight line.   But this one won't play nice.


phil the pom said...

OH Sis you are cruel, men playing and women working,dear o dear, the truth is that we men have the ability to make work look like play, purely a gift that is only found in the "stronger sex"??!!lol your work again superb,keep on keeping on,will e/mail soon to discuss the photo work
on compie. cheery bye PtP.

retdairyqueen said...

So now my teacher needs help

Lindi said...

When piecing things like that, I divide it up into blocks of varying sizes. Then I stitch blocks together until I get blocks that eventually piece in rows.
If you do the spring block from the row atop the lady embroidery down to the bottom, and do the other block to include the lady and the heart embroideries, you will have 3 blocks. Top, bottom left and bottom right. Stitch bottom 2 together then add to top.
(print off the pic, Sheila, and draw lines around the blocks to help get an idea.)