Saturday, March 06, 2010


or at least the doorbell chimed.   We have a door bell that plays a short tune when pressed.  And for the past half an hour it has been slowly, very slowly playing.   But no-one is there.   I think there must be a short.  I will explain why.

It suddenly became rather dark, and the thunder rumbled in the distance.   Then there was this thud thud thud, I thought the Scot was up on the tin roof of the patio hammering but no.... it was hailstones. 
I will let the pictures do the talking .......

we thought this was a large hail stone ummmmmmm

looking towards the NW

looking E

taken through the window

out the back again.  Note the pot plants, they were put there yesterday waiting for the rain

ahah Precious Commodity

The big brave Scot

difficult to see, but the gutter had trouble coping

back to the front (taken through the window)

the front door step

18 mm in less than 10 minutes.

All is quiet now, but the thunder is still rumbling around the Dandenongs.

And as I finish this post we are up to 21mm.   But still in shorts and t-shirt.


Jules said...

Well all I can say is - you should not have given the ark away! lol

Shorts and shirt? Swimming gear and flippers more like! Gosh, that was some storm birdie. Wait for all the lush growth in your front swimming pool! WOW! x

phil the pom said...

. I reckon you may have a "FRED" that is the name we have given to our resident "GHOST" we get so many unexplained things that just occur??? so we blame FRED"we laugh when they happen and I'm not really a believer in the mysterious visitors some claim to see,but do accept ""there are more things happen on earth than we can explain, but I@m not even going there. I can see from your photo's what you mean when you tell us how your "LAWN" suffers during your hot WEATHER!! BILL LOOKED TO ME AS IF HE WERE DIRECTING THE STORM ??
is that possible I ask. lol,.keep on keeping on matey's P t P.

Narelle said...

I've been watching about yesterdays storm cell on the news!
Scary stuff!
Stay safe as they predict more today.

Sarah said...

WHOA! I have never seen hailstones that big.

What is the gorgeous shrub with the blue flowers? Some kind of hydrangea?

catsmum said...

I hope your cars were well under cover - Nadie and her fiance's cars were trashed.
We only got rain up here.
and btw, where did you and the Scot find that digital rain meter ?
Me thinks it very spiffy.