Thursday, March 04, 2010


but in my usual SMC fashion....... I have to redo the wording..... yes I spelt Mackellar wrong.
durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ah well it could be worse.   thank goodness I hadn't sent them.  Ok I didn't discover it until reading through this post and looking more carefully at the photo.   drats.

and before the deadline too.   These are my Postcards for the 4x6er's Swap.  The Theme for March is Famous Women from Our Country.   The other girls are from Canada, USA and England.   The 'rooles' are that they must be posted by the 15th of the Month.   But we are a friendly group that understand that life can get in the way at times. 

These are my cards NOT FINISHED  but the front is stitched and the back is printed.  Hopefully by the weekend they will be finished.

My thought progress.   I did make a cardboard frame so that I can see that the finished size will look like.  This helps greatly during the creation progress.

It seemed to fall into place very well.

  1. I found the blue fabric which definitely looks like the Ocean.
  2. Then the fabric for Australia ..not forgetting Tasmania which is defnitely part of Aus.    I had to redo Tassie. Chain stitch in my favourite Antique Gold Thread.  I was chatting to No1Son on Messenger and he asked what I was doing so I sent him a scan.  His first words..... whats happened to Tasmania.  I must admit it did look an odd shape.   So he suggested I make a triangle, then cut it roughly.   It seems to work thanks TP.(you are more help than your Father).
  3. Printed the first verse onto fabric.
  4.  Burnt the edges (using the electric hot plate) - representing Bushfires.As mentioned before, I was concerned the wording piece of fabric would lift.   Lindi suggested stars.  Brilliant Lindi, thanks.  But I took it a step further and did Colonial knots (we were set up as a Colony) and they were placed to form "The Southern Cross"  Constellation only seen in the Southern Hemisphere.
The address side of the Postcard

I have the envelopes, not game to try to send them through the post 'naked' yet, and stamps with Australian National Parks as their theme..
Blotting paper to take to the Post Office, so that we can blot the cancellation stamp so that it doesn't fudge.
uummm quite organised for me.


Barn Owl said...

Really organised now arn't we.
good for you. makes life much easier but not so intresting,
Must say Post cards look good.

Jules said...

Very good Birdie! As Barn Owl says, you are so organised! Fantastic! A really good idea which has worked out well. I look forward to seeing the whole lot when everyone has completed.

Lindi said...

Southern Cross in colonial knots - brilliant idea! Your postcard looks great Sheila. :)

Fiesta said...

Those are fabulous!

retdairyqueen said...

Just lovely