Wednesday, March 17, 2010

ALLSORTS....I guess

Not Bassetts...... although I now have quite a supply of these thanks to my two sisters in England..   Would you believe they still smell as good.   yum

The first 'allsorts' I want to tell you about is the breadmaker I have had for some years.   One of those 'toys' you just can't live without, then you get one, use it almost to its death, then decide you have had enough fresh made bread.   So it got put away in the cupboard.
But recently my BIL in UK wrote that he made bread, so the idea popped into my head ahaha I have the breadmaker lets do it again.

Now being The Scot and The Sassenach...... he likes white I like wholemeal.   But we will both eat the other.
So I alternate the two, also buying the bought 'stuff' in between.   The Scot hates repetition.

I think one of the reasons we became a bit fed up with it was because it made such large loaves.

But upon reading the Instructions, of course I do, thats why I have only just found out,  I can make quite a small loaf.

Its taking a bit of adjusting, water wise.    But today ......

not too bad but I am having some trouble getting it out of the pan, but today found out that if I let it cool a little more - it comes out easier.

But I still seem to get The Bread with the Less Fattening Bottom

a hole in the middle.   I guess it will always be there as this is how the paddle of the machine mixes it.

But on the whole the bread tastes good and we haven't thrown any out.

Talking of toys.   Here are two ............. one   I hate    the other I have just discovered and I love



The first it keeps 'beeping'.   The Scot thinks its just what I need.   But can you imagine just getting two pieces of material lined together about to put under the machine and you get

beep     beep     beep     beep     beep   
and it won't stop until you pick it up and turn it.   ummmm modern inventions.

But now the other one.    Glue   in a beautiful tube that only comes out when you turn it upside down and press it hard against the surface you want the glue on.
They must have had me in mind when they invented it.  Oh I love it. 

I have been using the above toys in my effort to finish another UFO
I have half of the samples positioned in place.   I am ironing Visoflix on the back and then ironing them into place on the page.   Then I am using the GLUE to attach the page to the Album page.
Not as nice as if I had hand written it all out.   Which was the original intention.   But at least this way it will get finished.


retdairyqueen said...

I use my bread maker all the time
Grandkids love it As it has gotten older I must admit I have terrible trouble getting the bred out
Glue sounds like a good idea
I will have to watch out for some

Fiesta said...

Sheila I too used to make lots of bread but now it is so much more affordable to just buy it with it being just hubby and I. Yours looks so good and I am so tempted. I would not mind making white mountain bread though if I can find a recipe

Jules said...

Sorry you are way behind birdy............ Also been making bread for years! Started out by hand - oh the frustrations which used to come out in that kneading!!!! LOL
Then we had a machine and it is in constant use. If the loaves are cut in half and one half left for eating, the other half can be frozen - wonderful!
We bought a more expensive flour - both kinds and mix them sometimes. Half wholemeal half white. - NO not in two halves! but nice as a slightly wholemeal loaf! Happy compromise. Mmmm can smell it now!
Your bleeping iron - mine flashes! Lol.
The glue and craft work look really good...

phil the pom said...

like the bread sis. you cant beat fresh.we used to have a machine or more than one I think but I felt that hand made was better so got rid of the machine like you I hated the hole in the bottom but you cant avoid it so turned to hand made and liked it better havn't made one lately been busy in garden etc but must get round to a bit more baking for my money fresh baked bread is the nectar of the gods?? unbeatable whatever you put on it i have a super recipe for sticky date and walnut pudding from our church secretary we tasted it at our last seniors lunch "Incredibly good" got all the ingredients just need the time and whowee, Pit

Molly said...

Having had the marvelous bread they made in a bread maker when I visited in England last year I enthusiastically lobbied for one when I got home. Christmas morning I found it under the tree. But. I can't seem to make bread as delicious in it as they made in England! It's OK, edible. Just not Yummy! I guess I'll have to keep trying and tweaking the recipes!

To day I decided to skip the machine and make good old fashioned soda bread the good, old fashioned way. It was yummy!